Giving Up IntraVnews

posted on 2004-06-22 at 00:29:18 by Joel Ross

For now, I'm giving up on IntraVnews. Why? Because I discovered I could just as easily compose in w.bloggar and it (pseudo) integrates with RSS Bandit, my current aggregator of choice. It would have been nice to blog from within Outlook, but the main benefit of doing it was that I could compose in HTML. That didn't work, so I was stuck using plain text anyway.

So I guess for now, I'm stuck writing blog posts with either no formatting, or manually writing HTML when I need formatting (for example, once my NFL picks come back).

Have you noticed that my posting has increased lately? That's what happens when you stay home with your wife while she recovers from a viral infection. My job right now is to be in the office, so when I'm at home, I don't have much to do other than type and get Tina water so she can get better. I hope to continue that once she's better, as I've been lax. I have a ton of topics in my head. I just need to get them down on paper...err...the screen.

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