Finally, A Good Thing Comes From The Lockout

posted on 2004-10-13 at 23:10:34 by Joel Ross

It's only the middle of October, but I'm already missing hockey. I'll save my CBA comments for a later time, but for now, I'm finally seeing something good coming out of the lockout. Fox Sports Detroit will be airing classic Red Wings games, including the March 26th, 1997 game against Colorado. This is the one where Darren McCarty gave Claude "The Turtle" Lemieux his (much deserved) beat down.

They'll also be airing games 2-4 of the '98 Cup, game four from the '97 Cup, and game 7 from the '96 Conference Finals, where Yzerman scored the double OT winner. All of these games stick out in my memory. I'm going to have to get the TiVo ready!

Anyway, for those interested, the announcement and schedule is available here. is an awesome fan site for the Wings, by the way.

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