FeedDemon 2.0 RC2 Is Out

posted on 03/24/06 at 09:58:25 pm by Joel Ross

Nick Bradbury has been a busy man lately. 2.0 RC1 just came out, it seems, and already RC2 is out.

I've downloaded and installed it already, and I'm impressed. It's not that it's that much better than RC1 or the betas, but it's an overall thing - this software impresses me. All of the issues that I had with the earlier betas have been taken care of - no longer do I lose news bin items on a crash (come to think of it, I'm not totally sure, since it hasn't crashed in a long time), and RC1 finally reintroduced the option to prevent items with no descriptions from opening the link automatically (that annoyed me - delicious feeds were the worst offenders). The synching is much, much faster now that it synchs with Newsgator Online, and since RC1, the software just seems snappier.

I can't wait for the final release, although, I'd be happy using this for a while too!

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