Enabling Hardware Virtualization In Virtual PC 2007

posted on 03/01/07 at 10:50:39 pm by Joel Ross

Scott Hanselman has a great post about virtualization, and one of his recommendations is to enable hardware virtualization. Well, when Scott speaks, I listen! I saw the new option when I installed Virtual PC 2007, but it wasn't checked, nor could I check it since it was grayed out. I figured my hardware didn't support it - that it was planned for hardware that wasn't quite out yet, and I didn't do any research beyond that.

But sure enough, right in the bios of my D820 was an option to enable it, which I did. I haven't done any major development inside VPC yet, but my initial thoughts are that it definitely seems to boot faster and seems snappier. Compiling seems faster too, but the real test will be tomorrow, when I do some "real" work!

Even if the gain isn't huge, it's still worth enabling if you do any real work inside VPC like I do.

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