CruiseControl.NET Turns 1.0, Almost

posted on 2005-08-15 at 23:03:06 by Joel Ross

I monitor the updates and additions to the CruiseControl.NET product documentation, and today there's been a plethora of action. The first was an interesting page addition that showed up in my aggregator - a nant task to run MsBuild scripts.

That definitely piqued my interest, and as the day went on, I eventually saw that CruiseControl.NET 1.0 RC1 was released today. There's a few new features, but the two that stand out to me are (obviously) the MsBuild tasks, and that CCTray has been rewritten to support multiple servers and multiple projects better. They've also completely moved to the web dashboard (something we already did with our move to CCNET .9x), and gotten rid of the files for the old web project.

I can't wait for an opportunity to try this out, although I'm guessing I probably won't get the chance until it's no longer a release candidate, and it could possibly be the beginning of the year before I find a project that needs my build server skills!

Categories: Software