Continuous Integration For Large Project

posted on 2005-02-24 at 01:00:16 by Joel Ross

Mike Clark is posting a question at a time about his interview by Mike Gunderloy (of Coder to Developer fame). The first one is about continuous integration on large projects. Mike G. asks if there is a size limit on CI projects.

Mike C. says no, and turns it around to say that he gets more and more uncomfortable as the size of the project increases.

I agree with him. While the project I'm on isn't huge, it's not small either (we're currently at about 500,000 lines of code and over 1500 types). We don't have a perfect build process, but all of our projects get built whenever change occurs, and it's definitely helped the team know when there are issues. And we never have to worry about doing a build - we know we have a working copy in source control. Couple that with an awesome QA team, and we have a pretty good process going.

I've made the comment to others in the office that I don't think I would want to do another project without CI. I feel that strongly. It does take time to get it set up, but it's made up in savings down the line. In fact, I've recently had the chance to help convince two other teams to use CI on their projects. I'll probably never be on those teams, but I know they'll be much better off if they set it up, so I'll take the time to help them get up and running.

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