posted on 09/11/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

The other night, I got an email from my cousin. We don't communicate as much as we probably should (my fault), but she will periodically send out emails talking about milestones in her life. That evening, it was about her latest project that launched that day: CauseCast.

What caught my interest was the fact that it's launch was planned around their presentation at the TechCrunch50. TechCrunch50 is a Silicon Valley conference aimed at looking at start-ups and helping them launch. While CauseCast didn't win, it's still a pretty cool honor to even be selected to present at the conference.

I honestly don't know much about CauseCast, as I hadn't even heard of it until I got the email. But it does sound like a cool idea - their idea is to highlight 10 non-profit companies a month, pairing them up with a figure of some sort to help with their cause. And since this is a Web 2.0 world, there's a social networking side thrown in as well.

Anyway, it's always cool to see what others are working on - especially when it's someone in your family. Shortly after this whole thing came about, I found out my cousin is also on Twitter, and since I'm a huge Twitter fan, maybe I'll actually be able to stay in touch now!

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