Carl Franklin's New Show

posted on 2004-10-24 at 00:06:16 by Joel Ross

Mondays. That's the name of the new show. And he's looking for a tagline to go with it. How about, "Mondays: Even though it's Friday" since it's being recorded Friday night, right after DotNetRocks.

I have just started getting back into listening to DotNetRocks, and having it be shorter will help me get through it easier. I listened just the other day to the Fritz Onion interview, and it was very good. The quality of that show is good (from a technical perspective).

I'll definitely be listening to the new show - at least to see what it's like! They are looking for some big name guests. I think they should contact Mark Cuban and get him to come on the show. He's a big name, and is "blogger friendly."

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