Baby Update

posted on 2005-03-31 at 00:51:12 by Joel Ross

Tomorrow, we're heading into the hospital so my wife can have an amnio to verify that the lungs are developed enough for delivery. If they are, she'll be having a C-Section Friday. If not, it'll be Monday. She'll be 37 weeks and 5 days on Friday. Most babies lungs fully develop by 36 weeks, so most likely our second daughter will be an April Fool's baby.

It's an odd feeling knowing when it's going to happen. I remember with my first daughter when my wife told me she was in labor. It was 3:30 AM when she woke me up. She took a shower, called the doctor, and we went in. 26 hours of labor later, we had our first daughter, by C-Section. I was exhausted - I can only imagine how she felt!

This time though, it's at 3:30 in the afternoon. She'll get up early, have a light breakfast, then get some more sleep. She'll be sore after the surgery, but she won't be exhausted this time. It should make things go much more smoothly. I hope.

Anyway, I'll be at the hospital probably Friday through Monday or Tuesday. That means I won't be posting much, so expect the blog to be silent for a few days.

And of course, when I get back, I'll be sleep deprived, so there's no gaurantee that posts next week will be coherent anyway!

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