Another Post with Podcasting Suggestions

posted on 2004-10-24 at 00:23:53 by Joel Ross

Here's another post about how to get Podcasting into the mainstream.  I found one of his suggestions interesting: Use Speech synthesis to read blogs. Why is this interesting? It goes against the buzz that consuming lots of podcasts is harder than consuming lots of blogs. And it's the opposite of my suggestion - podcast to blog post.

He also mentions publishing tools. I found an MP3 encoder for the pocket pc. No, I'm not starting my own podcast, but my wife rented a Doppler to listen to the baby's heart beat (she's pregnant) and we want to record the sound to post on our website. But if this works, it could work to podcast with too.

His last section mentions a rating system. I agree. Right now, I basically go off of recommendations from blogs I read, but it would be nice to see the reaction of more than one person.

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