Announcing myPlayoffs

posted on 12/03/07 at 09:32:41 pm by Joel Ross

myPlayoffsDotCom_LogoAfter spending years on our planning board, Brian put a bunch of effort in over the past few weeks to get an initial version of myPlayoffs off the ground, and launched it tonight. So what exactly is myPlayoffs?

myPlayoffs will provide the world's best web application for hosting, managing and publishing organizational and individually sponsored tournaments.

Our vision for myPlayoffs is much bigger than this initial release, but we felt it was important to get something out there that was functional and useful and then we can slowly add to it over time based on our initial plans, as well as feedback from our users.

So what did we get done from the start? Bracket publishing! If you're having a tournament, you can use myPlayoffs to publish the bracket. Then you can manage the results throughout the competition. For example, Brian is running the Ping Pong Battle Royale right now - a little friendly competition around our office. You can also add a bunch of brackets to one tournament and see all of the brackets in one place - good for 3-on-3 tournaments where you have different age groups in different brackets, but they're all part of one overall tournament.

Later, I'll do a walk through of how to set up a bracket / tournament, but for now, I'm just happy to see it live after having the idea in our heads for so long!

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