posted on 07/28/06 at 09:15:14 pm by Joel Ross

I'm heading on vacation early tomorrow morning - I'll be in Myrtle Beach for the week, and I'm extremely excited about it. Not just because this is the first real vacation I've taken in two years, but because this is the first time my daughters will step on a plane. My youngest doesn't really care or know - she's only 16 months - but my four year old is absolutely ecstatic about what's going to happen! And because of that, I'm excited for her too. Plus, my wife and I haven't flown anywhere together since our honeymoon, so this should be fun.

So how does this relate to you? Well, just as I was getting back into blogging, I'll be disconnected for a week, so no posts. Maybe I'll go Dave Burke style, and write down my Beach Week Chronicles, but those will have to wait until I get back. And, no comments - I don't get many anyway (except spam), so it shouldn't be too bad. If you have to get a hold of me, my cell number is listed, as well as email (although being able to get email will be spotty).

And if you're on my flight tomorrow or next Friday, let me apologize now. I have no idea how our youngest will react when we take off or land. If she screams, I'm sorry!

See you in a week!

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