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posted on 08/18/10 at 02:46:40 am by Joel Ross

RossCode.com is where technology and sports collide. Joel has been doing web development since 1999 and will share tips and tricks that he comes across with on this site, as well as share his views on the software development process.

He also is an avid sports fan and will occasionally post about those as well. For example, every fall Joel will post NFL picks each week for the season, so follow along and see how he does!

About Joel Ross

Professional Profile

Joel is a software developer at TrackAbout, Inc, and has been building enterprise web applications since 1999. He has worked on many public facing websites, including Pro Football Weekly and National City Home Loans.

HIs primary focus has been on C# and ASP.NET development. He is passionate about continuous integration, code generation and framework development.

Joel is also a partner in Develomatic, LLC, a company focused on tournament management software. Develomatic's portfolio includes the following sites:

  • Tourneytopia.com, which is focused on pool management, for tournaments such as March Madness, The US Open, etc.
  • Tourneylogic.com, which is the technology behind the pool management software.
  • PayItSquare.com, which is focused on managing group payments.
  • MyPlayoffs.com, which is focused on bracket publishing.



Joel is happily married with 3 children. His wife, Tina, is lovingly referred to as "The Wife" on this blog. He has 2 girls, Maddie (8) and Allie (5). He also has a son, Logan (3).


Joel graduated from Michigan State University in May of 1999 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

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