A Great Quote From DotNetRocks

posted on 2004-11-06 at 22:15:32 by Joel Ross

On Friday, I listened to Thursday night's DotNetRocks with Kate Gregory, which was very interesting. It was odd to listen to the show with no one but Carl Franklin (and Kate), and only an interview. Anyway, Kate had a great quote: "I'm a device for turning caffeine into code." I need to add that to my business card.

I actually like the shorter version of the show. I find it hard to find a two hour block to listen to something, and would usually end up listening to it over two days. That means I had to remember where I was in the broadcast, and then try to pick it back up. It took me three days to get through the Fritz Onion show - I listened to that one in my car on my pocket pc.

Friday was odd. At 11:00 AM I was completely caught up on Podcasts, and too busy to find any more. So what did I do? Listened to music - something I haven't done since I started pulling down podcats!

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