A Few New Podcasts I’m Excited About

posted on 06/18/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

It seems like everyone and his brother has started some sort of podcast recently, and since I'm an avid podcast fan, I've added a few to my list. The crazy thing about this list is that I knew the people doing each of the podcasts before they started doing it. Maybe not directly, but they are a part of my twitter tribe, which counts in my book!

First up is Deep Fried Bytes. It's hosted by Chris Woodruff, who works with me at RCM, and Keith Elder. It's only had a few episodes so far, but they've all been very good and entertaining. I know these two guys, and I'm looking forward to see what the show becomes. Despite only having three episodes so far, it's produced very professionally.

Next is the ALT.NET Podcast. The more I look at the whole ALT.NET movement, the more I wonder if I would be considered a part of it, for various reasons. But I definitely agree with the premise behind it (if not necessarily it's implementation). The podcast, so far, has been about the part I can relate to, and the guest list so far has been excellent. It's hosted by Mike Moore and he does a great job with it.

The Technology Round Table Podcast (that's as close as a link as I can come up with) is an interesting one. It's a round table (virtual, of course) where they talk about the latest news. It's got four really smart guys on it, and at least right now, it doesn't have a dedicated site or RSS feed. But that doesn't disqualify it! The four smart people are Jon Galloway, Scott Koon, K. Scott Allen and Kevin Dente. They're currently looking for a name, and I think I'm leaning towards "Four Horseman Podcast".

Dime Casts.Net is the only video podcast on the list, and Derik Whittaker's goal is to teach a single concept in under ten minutes. Some of the concepts are pretty simple and some are more complex, but they are all very well done so far. And because it's only 10 minutes long, it's easy to find the time. And even the beginner topics are good reviews for most.

I know there are other new podcasts out there, and I know of at least one on the horizon that sounds interesting, but for now, those four are the ones I'm watching closely right now.


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