07-08 Week 6 NFL Picks

posted on 10/10/07 at 11:09:41 pm by Joel Ross

Hopefully my picks get better as the season goes on - in theory, it should get easier to pick the winners as teams start to reveal how good they are going to be, but there's a reason games are played on the field and not on paper, right?

  • St. Louis* vs. Baltimore (-9) (37 O/U)
  • Washington vs. Green Bay (-3) (40.5 O/U)
  • Cincinnati (-3) vs. Kansas City (42 O/U): For all of you fantasy owners who have Larry Johnson (me included), when do you drop him? Does he have any trade value left?
  • Philadelphia (-3) vs. New York Jets (42 O/U)
  • Tennessee vs. Tampa Bay (-3) (37.5 O/U)
  • Miami vs. Cleveland (-4.5) (44.5 O/U)
  • Houston* vs. Jacksonville (-6.5) (37 O/U)
  • Minnesota vs. Chicago (-5.5) (37.5 O/U)
  • Carolina vs. Arizona (-4) (40.5 O/U)
  • New England (-5) vs. Dallas (52.5 O/U): This should be a great game, unless you like defensive struggles. Then you'll be disappointed.
  • Oakland* vs. San Diego (-9.5) (44.5 O/U): After the way San Diego has played this season, I'm surprised they are giving almost 10 points.
  • New Orleans vs. Seattle (-6.5) (42.5 O/U): I'm sure this looked like a good Sunday night match up this summer. Now?  Not so much.
  • New York Giants (-3) vs. Atlanta (43.5 O/U)

My "Lock Solid" picks for this week: Baltimore (-500), Cincinnati (-130), Jacksonville (-300), and Seattle (-300).

Be back next week with my results.

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