Url Rewriting And Form Actions

posted on 06/11/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

I have been working on a site for the past couple of months, and as part of that, we wanted to make our URLs prettier and more "hackable" - users are easily able to figure out how to get to the info they want. Well, we ran into an issue with that. The… more »

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Essential Development Practices

posted on 06/09/08 at 09:27:09 pm by Joel Ross

Over the past month, I have been helping a client establish a solid and reliable environment for team development. To be honest, I'd heard stories about poor development environments, but it was just theory and for all I knew, it could have been "Straw m… more »

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How I Got Started In Software Development

posted on 06/05/08 at 10:52:36 pm by Joel Ross

Mike Eaton, a member of my twitter tribe, is trying to get to know his tweeps better. As part of that, he asks a few questions to get a better understanding of our background. I figured that rather than answer in his comments, I' post it here instead.… more »

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Locking Down Web Servers

posted on 06/05/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

At about 2:00 PM on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, I talked to a client who was frantic over an issue where a part of their system appeared to be compromised. I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening with him trying to figure out wha… more »

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URL Rewriting Across App Domains

posted on 06/02/08 at 11:11:45 pm by Joel Ross

One of the clients I have been working with has an interesting situation where they want to use URL rewriting - but in a different way than I've seen in the past. They've written an application for their clients, which is then used by their clients' c… more »

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Fluent Interfaces And Readability

posted on 05/29/08 at 10:52:45 pm by Joel Ross

I've heard people throwing the term "Fluent Interface" around, and, until recently, I had no idea what it meant - and more importantly, why I should care. But then I started using one. At first, I didn't know I was using a fluent interface un… more »

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VHD Resizer To The Rescue

posted on 05/27/08 at 08:00:36 pm by Joel Ross

I use Virtual PC for all of my development. I have a VHD for each client, and this has saved me several times in the past. First, if my laptop ever crashes, I still have my VHDs. That means I just need an OS and Virtual PC, and I'm back up and running. S… more »

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Grand Rapids Tech Lunch

posted on 05/22/08 at 12:04:45 am by Joel Ross

Chris Woodruff, a co-worker at RCM, recently tweeted about an idea he had - getting people together for a tech lunch a couple of times a month. People immediately showed interest, and just a day later, the first Grand Rapids TechLunch was planned. It'… more »

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Continuous Integration at West Michigan Day of .NET

posted on 05/11/08 at 11:13:32 pm by Joel Ross

This past Saturday, I gave a presentation on continuous integration at the West Michigan Day of .NET, and as promised, I'm posting my materials for anyone who wants them. Even for those who didn't attend, I think that simply by dropping your code into th… more »

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Decorating Your Domain Entities

posted on 05/07/08 at 11:47:40 pm by Joel Ross

I don't have a specific link for this one, but I remember a conversation I had (on Twitter of course!) with Nate Kohari, author of Ninject, and Justin Etheredge about the attribute requirements specified by Inversion of Control containers on domain entit… more »

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