All Mix '06 Content Available

posted on 05/04/06 at 10:59:37 am by Joel Ross

Mike Swanson's got the news that all of the sessions from the 72 hour conversation known as Mix '06 is online, and will be for at least 6 months. Time to get the downloaders going. When will Microsoft get on board and start distributing this stuff via t… more »

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ASP.NET Providers Source Code

posted on 04/13/06 at 10:05:30 pm by Joel Ross

Earlier this year, I spent a lot of quality time with Reflector digging into the XmlSiteMapProvider to figure out how I could make it work with the URL rewriting we were implementing. I eventually found it, and determined what method I had to override to… more »

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Multiple Property Sorting Of Generic Collections

posted on 04/12/06 at 08:20:14 pm by Joel Ross

Dave Donaldson prodded me this morning to get off my butt and post an update to my previous multi-sorting comparer, and I'm going to do that now. Man, Dave, get off my back! Ok. He didn't prod. He asked if I'd updated it to support Generics, which I had.… more »

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Making Sites More Accessible

posted on 04/11/06 at 01:08:41 am by Joel Ross

I've been developing web applications since '99 (long time, huh?), but this is the first time I've seen anything about standards for accessibility on web pages. But apparently there are some. You use the Control key in conjunction with the defined access… more »

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Seamless Remoting

posted on 03/28/06 at 09:54:44 pm by Joel Ross

One of my clients just got word that they will be moving where they host their servers, and the new environment is much stricter than the old one. The public website will be in an outer DMZ and only able to communicate with an inner DMZ. The database ser… more »

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A Possible Issue With Website Deployment in Visual Studio 2005?

posted on 03/24/06 at 11:33:52 pm by Joel Ross

I've harped on Visual Studio 2005's website projects quite a bit lately, and I'm going to move to the web application model now that it's been officially released. But, I did want to talk about one last issue I've seen, because it's a doozy. Some backgro… more »

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Dependency Injection

posted on 03/24/06 at 10:12:11 pm by Joel Ross

I've been looking at a few different design patterns, and one of the popular ones among TDD evangelists is Inversion of Control, or Dependency Injection. Both sound complicated. Or did, until I saw this from James Shore. Bottom line from James (literally… more »

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Mix06 Sessions Coming

posted on 03/24/06 at 09:42:31 pm by Joel Ross

Mike Swanson is reporting that about 50 sessions from Mix06 will be available online for free - for everyone. Microsoft did the same thing for PDC '05, so I was hoping this was going to happen. Expect to see it in three to four weeks. I spoke with Brian,… more »

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Viewstate On The Server

posted on 03/23/06 at 09:40:56 pm by Joel Ross

We're going through an existing application with an eye on performance. One of the first things we noticed was viewstate. We had quite a few pages that were pretty heavy, so we started looking at what we could do about it. The obvious choice was to reduc… more »

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Adapter Pattern

posted on 03/22/06 at 11:47:51 pm by Joel Ross

I've been slowly reading a book on Design Patterns, but I've recently started looking at, mainly because it has it's samples written in C#. It's odd how a description can seem so vague, but seeing code crystalizes the concept. Well, that's… more »

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