The Purpose Driven Life

posted on 2004-10-21 at 00:31:34 by Joel Ross

I started reading The Purpose Driven Life a few days ago. The idea is that you read one chapter per day, and only one. Why? You have time to think about you've read for a day. Each chapter is roughly 4-6 pages, and it's 40 chapters. Even I should have th… more »

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The Finished Porch

posted on 2004-10-11 at 22:41:46 by Joel Ross

Earlier this year, I mentioned that we added on to our house. Well, the pictures are finally up. I'll only show the before and after, but you can see more pictures here. Here's what the house looked like before: Here's the final result: It's been… more »

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I'm Thinking of Starting A New Pet Project

posted on 2004-10-10 at 22:46:17 by Joel Ross

As many of you can probably tell, one of my the things I enjoy doing is to pick NFL games every week. Right now, I track my picks in an excel spreadsheet. Not exactly ideal, but it works. And it has for the past two years. But as I start to look at h… more »

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Happy Birthday Tina!

posted on 2004-10-06 at 23:26:30 by Joel Ross

Today is my wife's birthday. She turned 11010. Yes, that's a clever "encoding" to disquise her age. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want that published, so I'll leave it up to you to figure out how old she is. It's a good thing no one knows binary these day… more »

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My Daughter Is Going To Be A Big Sister

posted on 2004-10-01 at 00:15:34 by Joel Ross

My wife and I have been keeping a secret for a few weeks now, and after yesterday, we're finally able to spread the word. You see, yesterday, we had a doctor's appointment and heard the heartbeat of our newest edition to the Ross family. Hearing that rea… more »

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Got My Star Wars DVD

posted on 2004-09-23 at 22:38:59 by Joel Ross came through a little earlier than expected. I got the Trilogy yesterday, just one day after getting an alert that it had shipped. Expected arrival was October 1st, so this was an unexpected surprise when I got home yesterday. I don't usuall… more »

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Ahoy there, Me Hardy

posted on 2004-09-19 at 00:14:13 by Joel Ross

Arrr! Today (September 19th) is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sounds like another good opportunity to annoy the wife! more »

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Back From Vacation

posted on 2004-09-10 at 14:04:08 by Joel Ross

Obviously, I'm back from South Carolina now. It was a good trip, but Frances (at least the remnants of it) chased us out of Myrtle Beach. Literally. For three counties, right after we left them, we'd hear reports of tornado warnings for the county we jus… more »

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Heading Out On Vacation...

posted on 2004-09-01 at 12:43:56 by Joel Ross

I know, I know. I don't really post that much, but at least now I have an excuse! I'll be out of touch until September 10th or 11th, so the posting will be non-existent until after that time. Of course, this assumes no hurricanes, which it looks like Fra… more »

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Watching The Weather Channel

posted on 2004-08-31 at 11:33:19 by Joel Ross

I've been watching the weather channel rather close lately. Why? I'm going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my family on Thursday, and Frances is meeting us there. Isn't that nice of her? Well, it would be, if Frances wasn't a hurricane! She's expec… more »

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