How Do You Grow As A Developer?

posted on 12/01/07 at 12:21:21 pm by Joel Ross

In the past few months, the idea of how a developer continues their education has been on my mind a lot. There's been a variety of reasons for that, but the underlying theme seems to be how you keep your skill set sharp. The first place this came up wa… more »

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Continuous Integration: What, Why and How - Materials Posted

posted on 11/08/07 at 05:01:24 pm by Joel Ross

This morning, I gave my presentation on continuous integration, and as promised, I'm posting my materials for anyone who wants them. For those who were at the presentation, this is the contents of my C:\Build folder (the one that would be on the bui… more »

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Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference - I'll Be There

posted on 11/07/07 at 08:39:03 pm by Joel Ross

And not only that, but I'll be presenting on Continuous Integration: The next release is looming in the distance, and you’re responsible for integrating the changes for all of the developers on the team. Last time, it took all day just to get it t… more »

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How I Consolidated My Many Email Addresses

posted on 10/30/07 at 08:39:07 pm by Joel Ross

The Problem With the recent announcement that Gmail would support IMAP, I've started to rethink how I handle email. It's not that I had a major issue with the way I was reading my email, but at certain times, it was a pain. Remote Email: Any time I… more »

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How Well Does Live's New 411 Service Work?

posted on 10/25/07 at 09:09:42 pm by Joel Ross

I'm not really sure, but that's what I wondered this afternoon in my car. I needed to find the phone number to a business near my office so I could find out where they were located. There's a plethora of free 411 services out there right now. Google has… more »

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My Almost Electrocution - A Follow Up

posted on 10/24/07 at 09:40:09 pm by Joel Ross

The other day, our washer quit draining, and in my attempt to get the water out, I came close to electrocuting myself. In the post about it, I had a picture showing that the screwdriver had melted where it came into contact with the washer. Well, yeste… more »

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How To (Almost) Electrocute Yourself

posted on 10/23/07 at 12:16:13 am by Joel Ross

I wasn't feeling good today, so I spent the day working in The Dungeon. At lunch time, I came upstairs to get lunch, and that was when The Wife discovered that the washer decided to quit working. Well, not totally. It would run through the wash cycle, bu… more »

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1,000 Posts

posted on 10/14/07 at 05:49:32 pm by Joel Ross

I've been counting down to 1,000 for a while now, trying to decide what, if anything, I should highlight in my 1,000th post. I already did a post about my posting habits over the past 3 1/2 years I've been blogging at, so that's not really n… more »

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Sometimes, the rhyming game can be dangerous!

posted on 10/14/07 at 05:48:31 pm by Joel Ross

The other night, I was giving The Girls a bath. Whenever I wash their hair, I usually tell them I'm going to poor water down "the back, Jack" - and then I poor water down the back of their head to rinse out the shampoo. My oldest asked why I… more »

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How To Break (And Fix) A Furnace

posted on 10/11/07 at 11:59:14 pm by Joel Ross

Over the weekend, we were using the air conditioning. By Tuesday, it'd cooled down, but no heating necessary - my favorite type of day. No heating. No cooling. Just fresh air. Being from Michigan, I enjoy both of those days every year. Anyway, by We… more »

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