San Jose Uses Tablet PCs

posted on 04/21/04 at 09:54:27 am by Joel Ross

Finally! A link between hockey and technology. And it's not a glowing puck! A link from Robert Scoble produced this article about how the San Jose Sharks use the Tablet PC to review game tapes. This is awesome! The Sharks have the ability to adjust on… more »

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NHL: Round Two Preview

posted on 04/20/04 at 10:49:26 pm by Joel Ross

With the Maple Leafs trouncing the Senators tonight, round one is officially over, and the second round matchups are set. First, my round one predictions (here). Ingoring the number of games, I predicted the following teams would win: Detroit, Colorado,… more »

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NHL: Round One Almost Done

posted on 04/19/04 at 11:40:05 pm by Joel Ross

Well, round one of the NHL playoffs are winding down. As I type this, there are 2 games left in round one, and I'll be watching one of them tonight. Burning the midnight oil, or something like that. You see, I'm in the midwest, and the game is out west.… more »

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Wings / Preds: Game 5 Review

posted on 04/16/04 at 11:23:22 am by Joel Ross

I watched much of last night's game, and I was impressed. I didn't get to watch all of it, between playing outside with my daughter, Survivor, and The Apprentice, but it was on the whole time. We have two TVs and from the kitchen table, I can see both, s… more »

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Cujo Named Wings Starter

posted on 04/14/04 at 09:39:35 pm by Joel Ross

News: Dave Lewis named Curtis Joseph as starter in game 5 Good. He's cost the Wings a lot this year, and I don't really look at this as a true goalie change. This is a player coming back from an injury. Plain and simple. Manny Legace has been the back u… more »

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