RossCode Weekly #021

posted on 2005-10-08 at 09:42:16 by Joel Ross

This is it! This is the week that RossCode Weekly moves to a podcast format, rather than written out as in the past. The shownotes are below and you can follow along. Intro - 0:00 Download this episode - 23:54 / 10.9 MBSubscribe to RossCode WeeklyThanks… more »

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Talkr - Blogging Out Loud

posted on 2005-10-04 at 22:02:14 by Joel Ross

While looking at the comments for Richard MacManus' request for online aggregator features, I noticed he has a link to have his post read to you. He's using Talkr, a free service that will apparently create audio for your posts. It's an interesting conc… more »

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RossCode Weekly #020

posted on 2005-10-01 at 08:32:04 by Joel Ross

Download this episode | Subscribe to RossCode Weekly?| (206) 424-4RCW Welcome to RossCode Weekly. Nothing major this week, but there was enough to keep me busy. Remember last week when I said that Apple's CEO said that Intel-based Macs will be out by Ju… more »

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RossCode Weekly #019

posted on 2005-09-24 at 11:31:54 by Joel Ross

Download this?episode?| Subscribe to RossCode Weekly Welcome to this week's RossCode Weekly. For a change, this week was pretty light in news - although, the few items are huge! Let's ignore the?big news?(you know what the big news is, right?) and start… more »

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RossCode Weekly #018

posted on 2005-09-17 at 22:42:55 by Joel Ross

Before I begin, I want to highlight a couple of changes over the past week. I've hinted at one in the past, and it's finally come to pass - RCW is now a podcast too. I've signed my good friend Jason Salas of Digital Pontifcation fame to a lucrative contr… more »

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RCW Rumor Tracker

posted on 2005-09-14 at 23:29:15 by Joel Ross

As promised, here's the rumor tracker. This covers all rumors from all RCW's so far. I'll try to dig up some more info, and then make?a decision to either remove the rumor, as it's either come to pass or it's not going to, or I'll leave it on the list an… more »

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posted on 2005-09-13 at 22:06:21 by Joel Ross

Jason Salas asked for it, and I've been meaning to add it anyway.?His prodding pushed me over the edge,?and I wanted to experiment with FeedBurner without affecting my current subscribers. This seems like a good way to do that. So, here it is. A feed fo… more »

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What Is

posted on 2005-09-13 at 00:36:25 by Joel Ross

Could this be what Scoble is talking about? (6th paragraph) How did I find it? I had a referrer from it that pointed to my Long Tail post. Anyway, I'm guessing this is what Robert is talking about. If you go to, you get a password p… more »

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RossCode Weekly #017

posted on 2005-09-11 at 23:46:36 by Joel Ross

Welcome to RossCode Weekly, version 17! Either I'm getting  more and more lax, or a lot happened this week. Usually I wait until Sunday to start writing this (I collect all week), but there's so much that I had to start early! I'm going to stay away… more »

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Tagging Explanation

posted on 2005-09-05 at 23:10:16 by Joel Ross

Can someone explain to me tagging? I understand the idea behind it, but I'm more looking for a way to implement it on a blog. I know that Technorati allows you to tag using a rel="tag" in your links, and the end of the URL is the tag, and Technorati will… more »

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