1,000 Posts

posted on 10/14/07 at 05:49:32 pm by Joel Ross

I've been counting down to 1,000 for a while now, trying to decide what, if anything, I should highlight in my 1,000th post. I already did a post about my posting habits over the past 3 1/2 years I've been blogging at RossCode.com, so that's not really n… more »

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BlogRush - Is It Worth It?

posted on 10/09/07 at 10:53:33 pm by Joel Ross

A few weeks ago, I got some ambition to update my blog skin - minor tweaks, really, but one of the things I did add was a BlogRush widget (FYI, that link includes my referral code). If you're in a feed reader and curious, click through to see it. BlogR… more »

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Note To Self: Don't Delete FeedStation's Setting File While It's Running!

posted on 10/09/07 at 08:48:16 pm by Joel Ross

The Wife is gone tonight, so one of the things I did after The Girls went to bed was to finish of my last podcast in my queue - emptying my queue for the first time since before The Boy was born two months ago. Before he was born, I was pretty good about… more »

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Posts By Month

posted on 10/04/07 at 09:22:55 pm by Joel Ross

I know. Blogging about blogging is lame, but I threw this together today, and thought it was interesting. I'm getting really close to 1,000 posts, and I started looking at my posting patterns since I started blogging at RossCode.com. What was inter… more »

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NuSoft Solutions Is Blogging

posted on 09/18/07 at 09:10:55 pm by Joel Ross

NuSoft Solutions, my place of employment, has just launched a public blog. I have one over there, and will probably cross-post things that I think are relevant to what I do during the day - so no NFL picks over there. NuSoft has internal blogs, and I r… more »

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DotNetRocks #272 - Scott Cate on the MVP Pattern

posted on 09/14/07 at 10:27:40 pm by Joel Ross

I'm finally feeling like I'm starting to get caught up on podcasts after going about three weeks without listening to any. I haven't caught up on certain shows, but DotNetRocks is one of those that I prioritized to get caught up on. As of today, I'm all… more »

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I'm Now A Windows Live Writer User

posted on 09/09/07 at 09:07:17 pm by Joel Ross

I've resisted using Windows Live Writer for a while. Why did I resist? Because I couldn't get it to work with b2evolution, and without that, it was pretty much useless. With the release of the Window Live unified installer, I decided to give it a try… more »

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New Blog Skin

posted on 07/11/07 at 12:29:58 am by Joel Ross

If you read this in a feed reader, then you probably haven't noticed any changes, but I just launched a new blog skin tonight. It's not completely mine?- it's based on a simple skin from Andreas Viklund, customized to work with b2evolution. Overall, I'm… more »

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Podcasts for .NET Developers

posted on 03/01/07 at 10:42:03 pm by Joel Ross

I was having a conversation with a co-worker the other day about what podcasts I listen to, and we got talking about some of the best technical podcasts out there. Shortly after that, I found a nice short list from Sean Deasy?which just about sums it up.… more »

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Back From Vacation...To Find No Blog?

posted on 07/10/06 at 02:46:58 pm by Joel Ross

Over the past week, I've been pretty much disconnected. Hence, no posting! But what I didn't expect was no blog! I came home last week to find my blog completely gone - the database just wasn't there. Not good. As it turns out, WebHost4Life took the oppo… more »

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