Scoble Wants To Link To My Blog!

posted on 2004-07-13 at 09:39:10 by Joel Ross

Yup, that's right. He said so right here. Apparently a lot of other people think he was talking to them, but when I read it, it was obviously to me! I'm not sure what he'll find interesting about my blog, but hey, I've been reading his for a while now. more »

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Giving Up IntraVnews

posted on 2004-06-22 at 00:29:18 by Joel Ross

For now, I'm giving up on IntraVnews. Why? Because I discovered I could just as easily compose in w.bloggar and it (pseudo) integrates with RSS Bandit, my current aggregator of choice. It would have been nice to blog from within Outlook, but the main ben… more »

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Test From w.bloggar

posted on 2004-06-18 at 00:32:17 by Joel Ross

This is a test of w.bloggar. I'm trying a few tools to make blogging easier. I tried intravnews 1.1 beta 2, but no luck so far. Categories don't seem to work. Oh yeah, I upgraded to .9.0.8 of b2evolution tonight too! more »

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Way Too Long!

posted on 06/17/04 at 01:53:16 pm by Joel Ross

Holy Crap! It's been 2 full weeks since I last posted an entry of any kind! Why? Well, since the last time I blogged, we built a porch on our house (among other things), went on vacation to Baltimore, and I changed projects. Maybe at some point, I'll ac… more »

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The Perfect Communication Software

posted on 05/27/04 at 12:32:01 am by Joel Ross

I've been thinking about the perfect piece of communication software. I come into work every day, and I fire up at least 3 pieces of software to "communicate" with the world around me. That seems excessive to me. Now, what do I mean by communicate? Well… more »

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Moving to RSS Bandit

posted on 05/27/04 at 12:05:31 am by Joel Ross

Well, I made the switch to use RSS Bandit, and I have to say that Dare has done an awesome job. My main reason for switching? It supports Atom. It wasn't that I wasn't happy with IntraVnews, it was just that RSS Bandit supports Atom. Why was that impor… more »

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RSS Feed Working Again!

posted on 04/15/04 at 03:29:20 pm by Joel Ross

The RSS feed is working again. I'm not sure why, but there was a function call in the RSS file that logs each hit, and that failed because it was adding something to the XML. I took it out for now, and the feed is working. more »

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RSS Not Working

posted on 04/14/04 at 04:12:37 pm by Joel Ross

I am aware that the RSS feed doesn't work right now. I'm also not sure why. I think it may have something to do with this running on IIS rather than Apache, but I'm not sure about that either. I'm looking at it, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. more »

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posted on 04/13/04 at 09:29:42 pm by Joel Ross

Well, I've had a few blogs, but this is (hopefully) my last move. I got a new domain, and this should be permanent now. I'll use this to talk about anything and everything, from sports to politics to programming. I'm a developer by day, and well, a dev… more »

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