Windows Media Player 11 Wish List

posted on 2005-06-30 at 23:13:32 by Joel Ross

Scoble's asking for feedback of what we want in WMP 11. Since I use it exclusively for podcasting, I think I'm in a good position to say what I want, so I will!

First and most importantly to me, would be the ability to bookmark MP3s. I listen to probably 4 hours of podcasts per day, and usually have to shut it down in the middle of a podcast. When I start it back up, I have to remember where I was. Right now, I try to remember, and then jump to it. Of course, that's another request - the ability to jump to a specific time in the track. You can drag the little bar as it's playing, but if the track is an hour and a half, it's not simple to find the 37:42 mark. Either allow me to enter the time in a dialog, or show the time as I drag the slider.

My next feature request? Global shortcuts. I found an external program that has to run at all times for me to be able to use a shortcut to pause playback when Brian turns around and asks me a question, because WMP doesn't provide global shortcuts. Before I found that, I had to either use my mouse to pause it (I hate my mouse!) or Alt-Tab to it, and then pause. Now I have a global shortcut to pause, play, stop, go forward and go back. Why can't that be built in?

Last one here. I use WiFi to sync my desktop and my pocket pc. Why doesn’t WMP pick that up and allow me to sync files that way? I can manually go in and copy the files through the filesystem without issue, but WMP won't allow me to check files and have them automatically synced unless I am connected via USB. I move around a lot, and don't really want to 1.) carry the cable, and 2.) get it out all the time. My desk is messy enough!

Oh yeah. One more. Windows 2003 support. I use it exclusively on my laptop for my development environment (it's much more than just a server!), and I want the latest and greatest software.

So, since Scoble wants comments via blogs, here you go!

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