When Blogging Gets In The Way Of...Blogging?

posted on 06/14/06 at 10:00:48 pm by Joel Ross

It was about a year ago that I started writing RossCode Weekly. I did it because I felt there was a lot of technology news I saw that was important to get out there.?About six months later, it became a podcast, because it was becoming too much work to write. The posts were approaching 3500 - 4000 words, so instead, I threw together some notes, and started recording it.

Well, after about six months, that too became too much work, and I went back to writing it - but in a shortened form. But since then, I've started to realize a couple of things. Writing RCW has become work. And it's gotten in the way of writing what I want to write. With a weekly review due, it's like a looming deadline hanging out there, and (as is probably noticable) has resulted in me not writing much else. I have 5 posts in the works that are all at least two weeks old, and there've been countless others that I haven't started because I just don't have the time to do it.

And suddenly, blogging got in the way of blogging.

So I took a look at why I'm not blogging like I used to. I didn't get to 800+ posts by doing one post a week. Overall, I average about a post a day, but for the past few months, you wouldn't know it. And what it came down to was that I wasn't passionate about what I was blogging about. I still think I see a lot of cool stuff, but putting it all together is just too much. There's a few things changing for me outside of blogging too, and frankly, I want to get back to real blogging.

So with that, RossCode Weekly is no more. I may still touch on some of the same things I have before, but it'll be based on what I want to talk about - not what I think fits the RCW theme.

To those who follow RCW, I appreciate your support, and I'm sorry to see it go. Maybe some day, I'll figure out a way to completely automate the process, and then it could come back in a different format - but don't look for that too soon.

As for the long-term subscribers, I hope to get back to where I was when I felt the best about what I'm doing here!

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