What's the Best Community Site?

posted on 2005-08-11 at 21:44:30 by Joel Ross

A little bit ago, Roy Osherove asked what is the best community blogging site for a beginner.

I recommended GeeksWithBlogs. Why? Well, first, I've met the two admins on the site - Jeff Julian and John Alexander and they're both nice guys and passionate about what they're doing. Also, they have a plan for the future of the site, something I haven't seen come from most community sites. Most are happy doing what they are doing right now, but GeeksWithBlogs is evolving - they are writing a custom blogging solution that will allow for targeted feeds for specific topics, so the readers can get exactly what they want without the excess. More signal - less noise!

They're also starting to add on more than just blogs for their members. They may start adding podcasting services in the future which is very cool.

Overall, I think someone who's new to blogging would be in good hands at GWB!

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