Week XVI NFL Picks

posted on 2004-12-24 at 00:00:21 by Joel Ross

So once again, with the first game being tomorrow, I'm posting my picks before I post my results. At least with a holiday coming up, I'll have time to relaz a bit. Maybe even watch a game or two. Anyway, here's my picks for this week.

  • Green Bay vs. Minnesota (-3): Green Bay is a team on a mission. It will be a high scoring game, and Green Bay will win it.
  • Oakland vs. Kansas City (-8): Hmm. Larry Johnson can run. He steps right in and takes Holmes' place without issue. Oakland won't likely stop him this week either.
  • Denver (-4) vs. Tennessee: Denver should be able to take this one easily.
  • Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh (-5): Pittsburgh wins, but it will be close. Don't be surprised if it's a late field goal for the win.
  • Chicago vs. Detroit (-6): Detroit wins, but not by 6. They never play blowout games against Chicago. They're always close.
  • New York Giants vs. Cincinnati (-6): Can Eli Manning continue what he did last week? He actually had a pretty decent game. I think he will.
  • San Diego vs. Indianapolis (-7): This one has the highest over/under at 57 this week. Indy's defense isn't great. LT could run for 200 yards. And while the Chargers defense isn't horrible, Manning will break the TD record.
  • Houston vs. Jacksonville (-7): Jacksonville will win this one.
  • Carolina vs. Tampa Bay (-3): Carolina has come on strong of late, and Tampa Bay won't stop them this week.
  • Atlanta vs. New Orleans (-4.5): I'm surprised that the Saints are favored. Shocked actually.
  • New England (-2) vs. New York Jets: New England will be upset, and will take it out on the Jets.
  • Buffalo (-11) vs. San Francisco: Buffalo will win, but not by 11. It's Christmas! No blowouts for Christmas.
  • Washingon (-2) vs. Dallas: Dallas at home isn't the favorite against the Red Skins? That's not right.
  • Arizona vs. Seattle (-7): Will the world right itself and allow Arizona to return to it's losing ways? I think so.
  • Cleveland vs. Miami (-7): I understand that in beating New England, Miami became the first 2 game winner to beat a ten game winner, but does that make them a star team now? Favored by 7 against the Browns? No. They won't cover that. Or win.
  • Philadelphia vs. St. Louis (-3): Wow. No Terell, and all of a sudden Philly isn't a favorite? I guess they figure now that the NFC is wrapped up, they will start sitting guys down. I'll still take the Eagles.

I'll probably post last weeks results a little later. Maybe even next week. Who knows.

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