Web Navigation Strategies on the Polymorphic Podcast

posted on 06/21/07 at 11:22:24 pm by Joel Ross

Craig Shoemaker's latest podcast is on something he came up with called WebNavigator, and I listened to it this afternoon. it's very similar to what I now do on most of my projects, but better.

From his site, here's the problem he's seeking to solve:

You and Joe are working on a sizable web application. Nasty-Coder Joe, who is on another team, creates a new page that requires 2 session variables and a query string parameter in order for his page to work properly. You now need to pass data to this page to finish your last feature before you leave for vacation in one hour. Without reading Nasty-Coder Joe's code to try and figure out what the necessary session variables and QueryString paramenters are, how do you use his page?

Good thing he used Joe and not Joel! Anyway, I typically create a static set of classes that contain public readonly fields that hold the URLs. Most of my URLs are obtained by using those fields. I also usually create a UrlController class that handles the case when you need the URL to have parameters attached to it, but after looking at Craig's solution, I think I like it better than what I've been doing - mainly because by using methods to get the URL, you know what data can be sent to the page based on the method parameters.

Bottom line: give it a listen. It's worth at least checking out.

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