Using SVNBridge With CodePlex

posted on 09/18/07 at 09:03:51 pm by Joel Ross

I'm working on a project on CodePlex (more details to follow soon), and wanted an easy way to interact with CodePlex's source control. It's Team Foundation Server underneath, so I could have used Team Explorer, but the project I'm working on isn't technically a Visual Studio project - I deal with the file system more than I'm in Visual Studio. CodePlex also has their own tool, but I use Subversion for my personal source control, so having seen Scott Hanselman's post about how to get SVNBridge working with CodePlex, I decided to go that route. It crashed on me a few times until I realized what I was doing wrong, but after rectifying that, it works very nicely. I can make modifications and then submit them just like I do with Subversion.

Very nice! Thanks, Scott.

Categories: Software