Using RSS To Display Standings?

posted on 01/27/06 at 09:34:43 pm by Joel Ross

Ok. I have a problem, and I'm looking for some help. We're going to be adding RSS feeds to the Tourney Pool Manager to show the current standings. That's great, but how should we do it?

It's not the same as an RSS feed for a blog. Once the NCAA tournament gets underway, there won't be any new entries. It'll just be a reordering of the existing items in the list. A blog is constantly getting new?posts.?

It sounds a lot like the Simple Sharing Extensions, right? I think it is, but I'm not positive. I'd like some advice. I downloaded the samples and tutorial?supplied by Microsoft, and it looks like the right fit. But I still have questions - does any software actually support SSE yet? If an aggregator doesn't support SSE, what will the feed do? If I didn't use SSE, what should the feed look like?

If you have any advice, let me know! I'm open to suggestions...

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