Two Utility Functions

posted on 2004-12-24 at 00:29:47 by Joel Ross

I've got almost 40 items marked to blog about, so I'm going to have to start combining them to get through them all!

First, Ryan Farley has a post about setting focus to an ASP.NET control. In his comments, I said I'd rather see this as a server control a lot like the DefaultButton control. He mentions a base page, which would work - I always use a custom base page, even if it doesn't do much of anything. My experience has been that I eventually need it. I still think a server control is a better way to go with this one - low impact to most projects.

Then, Mark Duant has a post about disabling a button after it's already posting back.

Both of these are common problems in ASP.NET development, and both provide great solutions!

Categories: ASP.NET