posted on 08/11/07 at 12:07:51 am by Joel Ross

I've been "using" Twitter for a few months now, but could never get into it. Then I got a link to someone's twitter page and started looking through who they were subscribed to. They were people whose blog I read, so I followed them as well. I also?got Twitteroo to follow the conversations, and now I'm hooked. Seeing a ton of updates come through makes me want to update mine, even if it's something silly like I'm heading down to the dungeon (my basement office) to work.

I'm sure no one really cares, but it's addicting. And if you do care, my twitter page is at

Anyway, I think this is an easier way to get news headlines than through RSS or visiting a news website. It just kind of flows in and with Twitteroo, it's updated automatically every few minutes.

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