posted on 2004-11-13 at 23:33:11 by Joel Ross

Cyrus, from the C# team, is asking about how to handle the release of new C# features in between official release cycles. He wants to know if people would be willing to install unsupported software in order to get features they either wouldn't normally get, or would have to wait until the next full version is released.

I would. If there's something that makes my life as a developer easier, then I'm all for it. And if I can turn them off if things stop working, then even better. I tend to repave my box every six months or so, so even if I had to reformat, I would still probably take the risk.

He's looking for feedback, so head over there and give him some. So far, most of the feedback has been positive.

One other note from the post: "What's worse is that the C# team just hit ZBB." I hate it when my code is bug free too! I think that explains a lot about my code...

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