Turning Caffiene Into Code

posted on 2004-12-13 at 01:09:01 by Joel Ross

Yeah, it's my favorite line from one of the DotNetRocks shows, but it's fitting. Dan Fernandez has a post that lists out the caffiene content of many popular drinks. Personally, Mountain Dew is the drink of choice (It must be - I even know it's homepage!). Given that I'm not a coffee or tea fan, that pretty much leaves the Mountain Dew family. While the original will always be the best, I actually do like all of the others - Code Red, Livewire, and the newly released Pitch Black.

Anyway, the next time you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, check out the list, and pick from the top. If you're like me right now (about to go to bed), try something from the bottom. Or, as my wife is constantly telling me, just drink water! Of course, my argument is that water is the top ingredient of Mountain Dew! And an interesting fact - Orange Juice is number three! That qualifies it as a breakfast drink, right?

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