posted on 02/24/06 at 01:04:56 am by Joel Ross

A few nights ago, we launched If you watched closely last week, you might have noticed that the Tourney Logic Match Play Contest was hosted on Tourneytopia. Well, that was a pre-release, and the main site still just redirected to Tourney Logic's website.

But no more! is your place to go for your pool needs. We provide the hosting, but it's completely customizable for your needs! We've added a ton of new things this year, and we're extremely excited to get this rolling!

So what's new? Glad you asked:

  • All new look and feel. We're almost finalized, and?I think it looks very good - a clean, uncluttered interface. We're still working with our design team to finalize the look and feel, but even without that, the pool looks good!
  • Edit your picks! Every year, people ask if they can change their picks ("What was I thinking picking Southwestern College of Indiana over Duke!?!?"), and until this year, we had to say no. Now, right up until games start, you can change your picks. And yes, I know, SWCI is not a real school. And if they were, no one would pick them over Duke!
  • Private labeling: March Madness is huge, right? Everyone gets involved. If you're a business, why not make a promotion out of it? For a solid month, you'll get poeple coming to your pool all the time to see how they are doing. That's awesome exposure for your company! Not only that, but this year, we've come up with an easy way to include sponsors, so get a few sponsors for your pool's prizes, and they get the same exposure you do!
  • Easy management. Once you get it set up (we'll talk about that in a minute), that's it. The pool is self-updating. We provide the results - there's no data entry on your part!
  • What-If Scenarios. Ok. So the tourney is down to the final four. All week, you're wondering if you're going to win the pool. How do you normally figure it out? "I picked Duke, and if they win, I get 11 points. Steve didn't, and I'm behind Steve by 3 points. I'll beat him. But what about Mark, or Jim, or..." Well, no more. We show you the 8 possible scenarios, and who'll win each one! We had this feature last year, but it was an add-on after the tourney started.
  • Your data is your data. We collect information about every user - and you can even define what extra information you want to collect - but we don't do anything with the info. But the data is yours. You can see reports and export them to a PDF file or to an Excel spreadsheet. Do you run a contest and your legal department says you have to have a record of every user's picks? No problem. That data is available too, with the same export options.
  • Scoring options: We've revamped the scoring a lot. Want to reward people for picking upsets in the first round? Well, first give the round a value. Then, you can have the seed added or multiplied by that value. Don't want that bonus in the fourth round? Then for round four, set it to No Bonus. Each round can be scored completely different - and that What-If stuff I talked about? It's based on your scoring method!

So the pool's pretty feature rich, but it has to be a pain to set up, right? Wrong! We've made it extremely simple to get started. You simply register (we need you to have a user account so you be the first administrator), pick a Pool Id and a Title for your pool, and you're done. If you want to be. If you don't want to be done, you can change the default messages and scoring, but you don't have to.

So, what are you waiting for? March Madness is right around the corner!

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