Tourney Pool Manager 3.0 Released

posted on 2005-02-09 at 00:34:11 by Joel Ross

The Tourney Pool Manager has been released. Brian is in the process of updating our website as I write this!

I realized I forgot a feature we added this year. It's probably because I didn't develop it. Brian did. So what is it? We now expose a bunch of data through web services. That means you can display the top 10 standings on your website, pulling data from the Tourney Pool Manager, or retrieve information about one pick directly. You can also retrieve your comparable entries to show them on your site!

What? You don't know what comparable entries are? We built this feature last year for a customer - they wanted to be able to have a featured entry, and have everyone else try to beat that entry. It's a great feature for magazines or websites who have a sports writer or broadcaster that's known in the community.

We also fixed a couple of issues with the Tourney Pool Manager. The first has to do with being installed at the root directory. We assumed most people would install it in a subfolder (we still think this), but some may want it at a root directory. Now we can do that without a problem.

The other is to support multiple pools in the same database - not really a bug. It's more of an enhancement. We have that support (SQL Server only) now (not yet released - it's being tested right now. Should be out soon though). It won't require any database changes, so even if you install and configure your pool now, you can still make the change to do multiple pools with an update later.

Given that we are done with development, my next task is to get the Accenture Matchplay Pool set up and test it out.

So, now that I'm doing that, who's interested in entering a golf pool?

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