Tourney Logic In The News

posted on 2005-02-21 at 00:07:39 by Joel Ross

Well, not exactly in the news, but there are a couple of exciting things going on right now. First, Jason Salas has invited Brian and I onto his radio show. He's a jack of all trades in Guam, and fortunately for us, his tasks include developer and radio show host. So, he's been emailing us back and forth about the Tourney Bracket Control, and he asked on his show. Of course, we're going to do it! Once it gets closer, we'll post some more details.

The other piece is that I have the Accenture Match Play all set up and working. The bracket is out, and all I have to finalize is some of the text with Brian tomorrow, but we'll get it out and anyone who wants to give the Tourney Pool Manager a true test run can! The matches start Friday, so you'll have all week to enter! I'll get the link up tomorrow!

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