posted on 2005-08-11 at 22:12:51 by Joel Ross

Steve Rubel started it. He's posted his list of 10 indispensable blogs - the ones he would take on a desert island with him.

Then, he created a Technorati tag so everyone can participate.

Side note: adding tags for Technorati is pretty simple! Just add a link to (for examle)  with a rel="tag" in the link. Nice!

Ok. Back on topic. My ten blogs I can't live without. That's tough, but here's my list. If I read your blog and don't list you, please don't be offended. Getting it down to 10 was hard!

1. Andrew Connell - He's one of two on this list that I've actually met in person and talked to. His blog is a great resource for finding information about CMS (and Sharepoint, but I'm not into Sharepoint) and ASP.NET development in general.

2. Dare Obasanjo - He wrote RSS Bandit, which was my first aggregator. He also has a bunch of great posts about RSS and XML in general. He's now working on the MSN team and his posts have been excellent regarding the things going on over there.

3. Dave Burke - He got me into customizing .Text, and has had me hooked ever since. Great technical content!

4. Jason Salas - Only recently has his blog been chalk full of good technical content, but it's had his podcast on it for a while. It's a great podcast - I dedicate the end of just about every night to listening to him.

5. Larkware - A great resource for finding what's new in the community just about each day. There are those who don't consider it a blog, but it's syndicated, so to me, that's enough!

6. Michael Swanson - He doesn't post very regularly, but when he does, his posts are excellent. He's also the other one I've met in person.

7. Scott Guthrie - Another who doesn't post much, but since he's responsible for managing the ASP.NET team, his posts are very informative and authorative.

8. Rob Howard - He was a key piece of the ASP.NET team - he helped design the provider model as well as database cache invalidation. Then he left Microsoft to start Telligent Systems and built Community Server. This guy is sharp!

9. Scott Hanselman - If for nothing else, then his tool list. He also has great content beyond that, and provides some very in-depth code samples.

10. Scott Mitchell - He runs 4GuysFromRolla, and always puts out great content.

There's a disproportionate amount of Scott's! Anyway, who's on your list?

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