.Text Modifications In Action

posted on 2005-01-08 at 00:42:18 by Joel Ross

I made my first modifications to the Tourney Logic blogs, which use the .Text blog engine. Both issues I addressed tonight have been bothering us for a while, so I went ahead and fixed them.

The first had to do with the application name. It was coming across as tourneylogic.com, when we wanted www.tourneylogic.com. Not having the www on there was reeking havoc in our stats (mainly our referrers). That was a quick fix. There are a few places that replace www with nothing. I just changed those, but I think there may have been an easier way - somehow (I'm still looking into it) you can set a setting for useWWW. Not sure that will do it, but for now, my solution works.

The second change was to implement CAPTCHA. Not sure how, but this blog is getting spam like crazy. I deleted at least 20 messages today alone. So I thought it was time do something about it. I used Dave Burke's two posts to do it, and it works perfectly. Thanks Dave!

Categories: ASP.NET