.Text Modifications

posted on 2004-12-23 at 00:41:38 by Joel Ross

If you haven't been following Dave Burke's .Text modification series and are interested in how you can modify .Text, you really should check them out.

First, he implements HTML emails from .Text. Then he lets you subscribe to comments on a blog post - a nice solution to the problem of how to know when someone replies to a post I made a comment on. He has a post about one click comment deletion, but then later offers up a better solution: Captcha!

And as if that wasn't enough, his latest is about podcasting and rss enclosures!

I hope he keeps them coming. I am watching them with interest, and hope to use at least the rss enclosures one over at the Tourney Logic Blogs so I can attach items to my posts there. No podcasts, but things such as a .cs file with any code I post.

Categories: ASP.NET