Still Time To Win The Gift Certificate

posted on 2005-02-22 at 11:36:22 by Joel Ross

In case you haven't entered yet, there's still time to enter the First Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest. The deadline is Wednesday at 7:30 AM EST, so you need to enter soon. It's based on the Accenture Match Play starting tomorrow - that's golf if you're not familiar.

Don't know anything about golf? Well, you could check out Brian Wacker's picks. He's an assistant editor for Or maybe Bob Harig's, who's an contributor.

Of course, you could also read the first round preview by Jason Sobel. He lays out what he thinks will happen in the first round. Then you can see his full picks.

Want out of the ESPN family? Ok. It's not a full pick, but Paul Grant over at says the final will be "A battle for the ages" between Tiger Woods and Vijah Singh. Judging by the picks in the pool so far, that's seems to be the concensus there so far too - with Tiger winning!

So now that you've got the background, why haven't you entered yet?

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