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I didn't mention this when it launched a few weeks ago, mainly because I didn't work on the project. But I recently saw a review of Spout on Mashable, so I figured it was time to mention it. Spout was built by a few of my friends at NuSoft Solutions, so I got some early looks at what they were building over the past year. Anyway, what is it? Well, let's let the Spout guys describe it.

We want to fill the gap between what shows up at festivals and what shows up at the multiplex. In that gap is where we?re settling a community of film lovers. A place called Spout?Spout sells DVDs. It?s our bread and butter. We love going to the local music shop where the guy behind the counter knows what we want. We love finding out about films from a random conversation with somebody else who loves film. We believe the act of buying films and being in a community are connected, not two separate things. We hope you agree.

Basically, if you've ever seen a movie, this site is for you - you can tag the movie, say what you thought of it, find others who like the same movies you do, and then find other movies they liked. And of course, buy the movie.

Now, you know me. What it does is cool, but I'm also interested in the technology behind it - and this is no different. It's built on Community Server, and we were?lucky enough to have Nick McCollum,?one of the 13 original Community Server MVPs,?on the project. He's really taken a liking to Community Server, and that's what he's been talking about on his blog. The customizations made are extensive to say the least.

Obviously Nick wasn't the only one involved. Bruce Abernathy was part of the team too. He's also very involved in the Grand Rapids .NET User Group. Jim Becher was also involved, and here's his announcement. I know there were others, but these are the only ones that I could find blogs for. Well, except for Brian Anderson - he was involved throughout, but he never posted about the launch.

I signed up and played with it when it first launched, and I'd say they did an awesome job. They're still working on it, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here!

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