Sometimes, the rhyming game can be dangerous!

posted on 10/14/07 at 05:48:31 pm by Joel Ross

The other night, I was giving The Girls a bath. Whenever I wash their hair, I usually tell them I'm going to poor water down "the back, Jack" - and then I poor water down the back of their head to rinse out the shampoo.

My oldest asked why I always call them Jack. I told her it was because back and Jack rhyme. She's been learning about rhyming in school, so she understood the concept.

And things would have been fine if I'd stopped there. Instead, I told her I was going to poor water down the front to rinse the rest of her head. She asked, "What rhymes with front?" I went along. "Punt, bunt, runt." By then, I was pretty much tapped out.

But not my daughter. You see, she's been learning the "C" sound at school, so she put the two ideas together and came up with a word you never want to hear out of the mouth of your child. And that's why we don't play the rhyming game anymore!

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