Skype (or VOIP) Voicemail

posted on 2004-11-04 at 23:34:58 by Joel Ross

VOIPail is currently looking for beta testers, so I signed up. Hopefully I'll get picked, and get a chance to see what it's like.

It's not just voicemail for Skype - it's intended to be for any VOIP apps.

So now, you can call other computers, you can call "real" phones, and you can have voicemail. The only thing left to do is to call a computer from a "real" phone! One day, I'm sure that will happen. And when that day comes, we can get rid of our phone systems altogether. I know I'm ready for that now!

And, by the way, Skype works pretty well on my Pocket PC too - although with the position of the speaker and microphone, I have to hold it upside down.

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