RossCode Weekly #047

posted on 05/12/06 at 03:32:23 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #047?- 05.12.2006

I think I'm going to kill the podcast. I just don't have the time nor the desire to do it anymore, and therefore, it's time to hang up the?mic. But that doesn't mean RCW dies. Instead, it will take on a new form yet again. It'll be a lot like the notes version from the past few weeks. This week, it will be the notes version again, but next week,?the new format will be revealed.?

To those who enjoyed the few months of listening, I appreciate your support and hope you'll understand.

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News & Views -
Atlas Toolkit updated
?? includes 4 new controls
????? AlwaysVisible
????? DropShadow
????? RoundedCorners
?? Bunch of bug fixes
?? Safari support
?? Telerik and ComponentArt announced support for Atlas
Web Application Project Model hits 1.0
?? includes edit & continue support
?? VSTS support
Share Your OPML
?? A site where you can share your OPML
?? You can see who the most prolific subscribers are (I'm 15 right now, with 941).
????? Someone has over 8,000. Yeah, right.
?? You can see how many others are subscribed to any feed
?? Small now, but will grow over time.
?? Also has a similar subscriptions page
DivX files for IPO
?? $135,000,000
?? $2,290,000 profit in 2005
?? Google provides 15% of revenue, and Phillips accounts for 13%.
?? becomes
TiVo's commercials
?? Allows you to watch commercials on demand
?? Why? Isn't that the reason why you got a TiVo in the first place?
SGI files for Chapter 11
?? Not much else to say - I first used them in college, but were replaced by NT boxes
AOL cuts work force by 7%
?? Mostly call center workers
?? 1,300 people
?? Say it's not cost cutting, but a reflection of support needs
?? Call volume has dropped 50% since 2004
Live Anywhere announced
?? Allows users of XBox Live to interact with PCs, Mobile devices, etc.
YouTube goes mobile
?? Allows you to upload movies directly from your phone
Vista Beta 2 coming May 23rd
?? At WinHEC, to attendees
?? Rest will have to wait until May 27th

The Cold Wars -
Google announces social search products
?? Co-op
????? Allows tagging and recommendation in search results
?? Desktop 4
????? Allows customization of the sidebar with google's gadgets
?? Google Trends
????? Allows you to compare search terms and their trends over time and events, as well as locations
?? Google Notebook
????? Coming soon
????? will allow notes on a webpage - a virtual scratch pad for every web page, and it can be shared
MySpace IM client launches
?? Windows only
?? Tom is your first friend!
Toshiba shows first HD-DVD laptop at E3
?? 1920x1200 display
?? 256 MB graphic card
?? $3000, but it's loaded
Microsoft investing in DeepMetrix
?? DeepMetrix is similar to Google Analytics
?? Will eventually be in most microsoft services they offer
Microsoft planning answer service
?? in the coming months
?? answers will be searchable
Warner Bros to distribute downloads via bittorrent
?? Will have DRM
?? Burned disks will only play on the computer you downloaded it on
Windows Live Messenger in public beta
?? For real this time!
Nintendo Wii to be sold for $250
?? Further rumors say $199
?? Microsoft exec mentioned buying both a 360 and Wii for the price of the PS3
Sony PS3 details
?? $499 - 20 GB HD, No HDMI out
?? $599 - 60 GB HD, HDMI out
?? Remember the rumor - XBox 360 to be $299 for premium this fall
Apple vs. Apple - Apple wins
?? Beatles lose
?? iTunes isn't a music store - it's a data transmission service
?? "moron in a hurry" could tell the differences between the two companies
MTV to simulcast online and on air
?? starting with the MTV Music Video Awards
Warner Bros. to inlcude streaming rights with Two And A Half Men synication
?? Ad revenue will be split 50-50 with only a 15 second ad at the beginning of the show
Live group chats with Skype
?? 100 people with Skype 2.5 Beta
?? Free
?? Moderated
?? Still no built-in ability to record.
????? has anyone told them that's important to us?
Microsoft launches adCenter
?? a la AdSense and YPN
?? uses demographic info too though
????? location
????? age
????? gender
????? wealth
?? Will take adCenter to email, MSN Spaces, mobile apps, Office, and XBox Live
First Blu-Ray titles delayed until late June
?? Makes sense?- first Blu-Ray players won't be available until June 25th
?? Titles will actually be ready on May 23rd, but won't be out until players are ready.
Sony to ship 50 GB Blu-Ray disks in June
?? Dual Layer
?? $48 for writeable and $60 for rewritable
?? More than twice the price of 25 GB disks
Opera Mini 2.0 released
?? Works on non-smartphones
?? Works on any Java compatible phones
?? can download MP3s pictures and videos
Microsoft launches Products
?? Froogle competitor
????? Difference - froogle uses a push?model and products uses a pull model
?? Reviews are planned but not live yet
IPO for Vonage
?? Offering up first rights to early customers
?? Lots of risk factors - losing money, already had a run-in with FCC, net neutrality concerns, etc.
iTunes and NBA strike playoff deal
?? 15-20 minute game recaps
?? 24 hours after game
?? $8.99 for "team option" - all recaps plus a season recap for your team.
?? $5.99 - finals recap
?? $1.99?- individual episodes
iTunes and Fox have deal
?? Will include 24
?? $1.99 per episode

The Grapevine -
Google Health to launch soon?
?? Should have been talked about at Google's annual Press Day but it wasn't.
DVRs?cut?ad revenue by $8,000,000,000
?? I put this here because this is a lot like?the claim that p2p costs the?record industry money
???11% of revenue
AOL to offer free local?phone number
?? Through AIM Phoneline
?? Recieve calls for free
???Free voicemail
?? AIM is second only to Verizon in U.S. SMS messages - interesting.
More on Amazon's music service
?? 4 prong approach
????? Desktop/web app to download music
????? subscription service
????? 20% off physical CDs
????? downloads for non-subscribers until CD arrives
More XBox portable news
?? Dean Takahashi's new book
?? Claims that 1/2 of 360 team started working on it after the launch of the original 360.
Windows Media Player 11 beta coming soon
?? May 17th
?? Better synchronization support
?? Final release in June
Tasks coming to Google Calendar?
?? Based on code from the site
?? Completeable events (tasks)

Odds & Ends -
RIAA now says it's legal to rip your own CDs
?? Well, isn't that nice of them!

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