RossCode Weekly #045

posted on 04/27/06 at 03:27:14 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #045?- 04.27.2006

You get a special treat this week! Since I have a bit of a cold, and my voice will not hold out long enough to get through the show, you're going to get a one week look at the notes I actually use when I do the show - usually, I delete my notes and just leave the link, but this week, since I'm not voicing it, I'm going to leave the notes in. I may even leave them in if people find it useful.

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Previously On RCW
8 and 10 GB iPod Nanos coming this summer
?? 8 rather than 5 heard from India earlier
?? Apple needs something to generate revenue while the touchscreen iPod is delayed
TiVo series 2 updates are real!
?? two models
?? one line in, with internal splitter - dual tuners!
????? two analog or one digital and one analog
?? Integrated ethernet
?? $200 for 180 hour and $100 for 80 hour
????? After $150 rebate and service activation
Yahoo won't offer WiFi
???Already have a healthy relationship with AT&T
?? Makes money from them via ads
?? AT&T already has good WiFi coverage
?? Could resell those networks or offer it for free with ads
?? Deal is?a lot like the deal between Skype and Boingo

News & Views
Yahoo releases DVR software
?? Based on the software they got from Meedio
?? Free and Windows only
?? 8 days after purchase
Grand Rapids to have city-wide WiFi
?? Has to be no cost to the city or tax payers
?? Finalists by May 30
?? Winning bidder announced on July 13
?? Development begins week of October 22
?? I mention this because I live here - and have local readers (in theory)
NFL Draft on your phone
?? Sprint
?? 16 hours of live coverage from NFL Network
?? April 29-30
?? Watch video of picks on demand
NFL to offer replay of regular season games
?? 4 games each week
?? HD games will be broadcast as HD
?? Will give non-DirecTV viewers access to out of market games
?? Will be reduced to 90 minutes and will include NFL Films commentary and fresh angles
?? Also, NFL is in the midst of negotiating their online deal too.
Recent Google search interface changes
?? Says they randomly test new interfaces to see reaction
?? May or may not ever be integrated in
?? Recent ones:
????? Jobs search
??????Site search in regular results
?? ?? Result count by graph on right hand side
????? Removing results from that search for you

The Cold Wars
Google Calendar opens API
?? Uses GData format?as transport?
????? based on?Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0
?? "simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web"
?? Sounds like Live Clipboard! (yet another?format war)
?? Java and C# libraries available
?? When will we see Outlook synch?
Google to start charging for access to AdWords API
?? This could (and probably will) slow innovation
?? Could lead to other paid API access programs
?? Why pay for sending a site traffic and/or data?
First Hybrid HD-DVD to be released
?? Rumor Has It
?? Regular DVD on one side, and HD-DVD on the other
?? Relesed on May 9
?? $39.99 for hybrid, and $16.96 for normal
NBC working to keep affiliates happy
?? a joint venture between NBC and their affiliates
?? will split the profit for online content
?? Does not include prime time programming
?? Takes content from affiliates (newscasts, etc.) and puts it online
ABC and FOX coming to Comcast VOD
?? joining NBC and CBS
?? available the next day
?? $0.99 with advertising
XBox 360 to show HD-DVD add-on at E3
?? Reportedly for $100
?? Also said that XBox 360 will drop to $299 in October
?? Also, a new processor using 65 nm rather than 90 nm in January
?? Will probably have HDMI output
Longhorn Server to be released in Q3 or Q4 of '07
?? Feature complete beta is due "shortly"
IE 7 Beta 2 released
?? This is the real beta - not a preview or update to a preview
?? Comes with no-charge phone support
?? Timeline:
????? Vista Beta 2
????? IE Beta 3
??????IE Release Candidate
????? Final release before end of year
Opera 9 beta released
?? first public beta
?? includes Widgets that live on the users desktop
?? supports bittorrent
?? content-blockers?(ads, images, etc)
?? Thumbnail previews of tabbed pages
?? site specific preferences
Windows Live for voicemail
?? an aggregation service
?? Can store it in MP3, WAV or WMA format
?? Has to be from an approved wireless carrier
?? No word on release date.

The Grapevine
Latest PS3 release date and price?
?? $399 and November
Skype Music Store?
?? currently has deal to sell ringtones
????? Not currently offering it though
?? Signed deal with EMI for more than just ringtones - includes music downloads
?? worldwide licensing deal
????? Could potentially buy music released in one country but not in another
?? No price point or launch date
AOL to take on MySpace
?? Would be headed bu Jason Calacanis
?? Originally from Dave Winer
17" MacBook Pro coming soon
?? No 12" MacBook announcement though
?? Expected to be announced at National Association of Broadcasters event
?? 36% brighter than before
?? top line 2.16 GHz dual core
TiVo's Guru Guides
?? Mentioned in updated privacy policy
?? Possibly a recommendation engine based on experts, celebs, trusted friends, etc.

Odds & Ends
Remember: GPS doesn't know about flooded roads
?? GPS sends people down flooded road
?? One to two people per day heading into flooded road
?? There?are warning signs saying it's flooded, but?they trust GPS too much
Revised Code of Washington
?? Finally - someone tagged an article as RCW on Of course, this isn't quite what I had in mind!

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