RossCode Weekly #044

posted on 04/19/06 at 08:58:13 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #044?- 04.19.2006

?Wowsa. I got all done, spliced it together?(I don't record straight through - each segment is separate), and it was short! Still, there's 23 stories, but I get through them in under 20 minutes.

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 0:36
FOX to offer shows online for free
Microsoft starts rollout of Live ID

News & Views - 1:53
Provider source code released
Atlas Toolkit follow-up
SQL Server 2005 SP1 released
VS Express products to be free forever
Slashdot does social bookmarking
C|NET returns to TV??

The Cold Wars -?5:39
TiVo vs. EchoStar: TiVo wins!
TiVo offers Blockbuster Online subscriptions wants iTunes shut down
Yahoo buys Meedio?
Best Buy reveals first HD-DVD player
Opera to offer VoIP solution
Feedburner adds email subscriptions
No Aero Glass for hackers

The Grapevine - 11:41
Windows Media Player 11 for XP available by end of June?
Oracle may launch own version of Linux
Yahoo offering WiFi?

Odds & Ends - 13:42
Photobucket gets 2% of internet traffic

Bonehead of the Week - 14:31
AOL blocking negative emails?
Apple makes little girl cry
Philips patents anti-commercial skipping technology

Outro?- 16:54

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