RossCode Weekly #043

posted on 04/13/06 at 05:49:25 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #043?- 04.13.2006

A day late, but not without reason! It's all explained in the show, but the long and short?of it is a hard drive?failure, which, luckily, I fully recovered from. Weekly stats: 20 stories in 25 minutes. Yeah, more commentary then normal, but it was a slow week!

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 1:21
Paypal mobile launches
Google / Earthlink selected for San Fran Wifi

News & Views - 3:09
Google Calendar is live
Mark Cuban sells IceRocket
Channel 9 turns two launches academic search
Grim Reaper looking for Win 98, ME
Atlas Control Toolkit released
Windows Fiji

The Cold Wars - 11:49
Disney to offer full, ad-filled shows for free online
Fox finalizes online content revenue sharing deal with affiliates
TiVo and DirecTV renew relationship
Universal Pictures beating counterfeiters at their own game
Netflix lawsuit legitimizes Blockbuster?
Yahoo Maps gets satellite imagery
StreamCast fighting the RIAA

The Grapevine - 20:25
"Real" video iPod delayed
5 GB and 10 GB iPod Nanos?
Sony PS3 may be a low-show at E3
Google working on voice search?

Outro?- 24:24

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