RossCode Weekly #035

posted on 02/02/06 at 09:15:11 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #035 - 02.01.2006

Like I said in the show, it was a low-energy night. I lost the show notes due to my own error, and had to redo them. Not something I wanted to do, but the second time was quicker than the first at least!

And,?in case you were wondering, the Wings pulled it out, 3-2. I told you they shouldn't have been losing!

Intro - 0:00
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Previously on RCW - 1:28
Last week's homework
Gates agrees with Google's decision on China
Google removes Help Entry on Censorship
EU: Keep your source code!
Linus Torvalds "Just say no to GPL v3"
Digg & Yahoo? No...

News & Views - 6:19
AT&T sued by EFF
RFID enabled subway rides
Verizon rolls out GPS service
810,000,000 phone sold in 2005
Google misses earnings
Google Search results via RSS
RIM wins! (In Germany)
RIM USA judgement day: February 24th
Fifth and final NTP patent thrown out
Rocketboom advertising
Amanda Congdon on CSI
Vista beta cycle changes
Vista Server CTP Program starting soon
Show download Economics

The Cold Wars - 17:28
CBS goes direct with Survivor
Comedy Central and Nickelodeon do iTunes premeires
Google Video Store = a big mistake
New Google toolbar
Google to buy Napster?
Google Music store coming soon??
Google offering P2P?
Google OS
Netscape 8.1 released
Firefox released
Internet Explorer Beta 2 Public Preview released
Attensa officially launches
Newsgator 2.6 beta 1 released
Google reader gets labels
AdSense tests rich media ads
MSN Spaces updated
Newspapers want search engines to pay

The Grapevine - 29:48
Google testing new search interface
Windows Defender beta 2 coming
Microsoft to buy Seadragon Software
Microsoft considering portable media device
iPod Shuffle headed for the gadget graveyard
Cisco to buy TiVo?
Amazon to offer movie downloads?

Odds & Ends?- 35:56
Wikipedia bans congress

Bonehead of the Week - 36:27
ESPN's Ad Snafu

Listener Homework - 38:27
Google announced their earnings, and missed projections. How much of a long term impact will that have on Google's stock price (it opened down 10% the next day)?
Are you more or less likely to invest in Google now?

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